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The Kupsapiiny Bible Translation and Literacy project is under the Bible Society of Uganda and the Kupsapiiny Bible Translation Committee. It started in January 2014 after some initial part-time work from 2010-2013. The first task was to establish a new orthography.

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Translators with Aggrey Soyekwo who is the coordinator for the Kampala community

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Translators at work in Entebbe with translation advisor Patrick Mang'esoy

Translators and the consultant Iver Larsen at Entebbe during training

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Translators at a testing session with the Sapiiny Kampala community

Graduation ceremony for all translators after 3 years training course in translation principles in Entebbe on 10th/Jan/2014

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The publishing manager Bible Society of Uganda Peter Serumaga,
Bishop Augustine Solimo, Rev. Hosea Musobo Langat
and the translators during the dedication of Luke's Gospel

Members of parliament Hon. Tete Everline Chelangat Guest of Honor for the occassion (Bukwo District), Hon. Chemutai Phyllis (Kapchorwa District), Hon. Lydia Chekwel (Kwēēn District), Hon. Bartile Toskin (then c/man of translation support committee Kampala) and Juliet Cēpo Yēyiin and other dignitaries.

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The books entitled Cōōnii ꞉lēkwēēyēēt mōōt (How to read and write in Kupsapiiny) displayed during the dedication on 10/5/2014.

Translators during the arrival of Kiprotich from the London commonwealth marathon

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Cēēwēēcē Pāyburiit kupo piiko tōkōl chēpo Kriistō




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